Prediksi Pertandingan West Ham vs Wolverhampton 09 Januari 2016

Prediksi Pertandingan West Ham vs Wolverhampton 09 Januari 2016

Prediksi West Ham vs Wolverhampton, Prediksi West Ham vs Wolverhampton 09 Januari 2016, Head To Head West Ham vs Wolverhampton, Bursa Taruhan West Ham vs wolverhampton, Jadwal Pertandingan West Ham vs Wolverhampton, Susunan Pemain West Ham vs Wolverhampton, Data Statistik West Ham vs Wolverhampton dalam kompetisi English FA Cup ini akan digelar pada (09/01/16). Laga ini nantinya berlangsung di Boleyn Ground akan dimulai pada Pukul 22:00 WIB.

Westham – 5 Pertandingan terakhir West Ham yang tercatat cukup baik dengan hasil dua kali menang dan tiga kali meraih hasil imbang. West Ham yang memiliki penampilan cukup bagus, di pertandingan terakhir bahkan mreka mampu mengalahkan Liverpool dengan skor 2 -0

Wolverhampton – 5 Laga terakhir Wolverhampton yang tercatat cukup baik dengan hasil tiga                kemenangan dan dua kali kalah. Wolverhampton di pertandingan sebelumnya berhasil mengalah kan Brighton dengan skor 0 – 1.

Prediksi Pertandingan West Ham vs Wolverhampton   – Westham belum terkalahkan dari tujuh pertandingan terakhir sedang dalam penampilan yang meningkat, Wolverhampton pun memiliki permainan yang bagus dalam tiga pertandingan terakhir mreka pun belum terkalahkan diprediksikan pertandingan akan berjalan seru.

Head To Head West Ham vs Wolverhampton :

*01-Jan-2011         West Ham     2 – 0   Wolverhampton

*16-Okt-2010 Wolverhampton   1 – 1   West Ham

*23-Mar-2010       West Ham     1 – 3 Wolverhampton

*15-Agu-2009 Wolverhampton   0 – 2 West Ham

*15-Jan-2005 Wolverhampton   4 – 2 West Ham

5 Laga terakhir West Ham

*02-Jan-2016   West Ham 2 – 0 Liverpool

*28-Des-2016 West Ham 2 – 1 Southampton

*26-Des-2015 Aston Villa 1 – 1 West Ham

*20-Des-2015 Swansea     0 – 0 West Ham

*12-Des-2015 West Ham   0 – 0 Stoke City

5 Laga terakhir Wolverhampton

*01-Jan-2015 Brighton    0 – 1 Wolverhampton

*28-Des-2015 Charlton athletic 0 – 2 Wolverhampton

*26-Des-2015 Wolverhampton 1 – 0   Reading

*20-Des-2015 S.Wednesday       4 – 1   Wolverhampton

*17-Des-2015 Wolverhampton 2 – 3   Leeds United

Bursa Taruhan  :

Handicap : West Ham 0 : ¾   Wolverhampton

Over/Under : 2 ½

Prediksi by judi dadu android West Ham vs Wolverhampton : 3 – 1

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What to RememberYahoo has released a website for poker games. This brought so much speculation in the market of online poker. As a matter of fact, there are even rumors saying that Yahoo, which is an American group or company, did a big deal and was in the middle of looking for a poker website to be released in the United States of America. This is in accordance to a gambling act which was overturned these days. This may be the sole reason for the popularity of poker online Indonesia too. It has been gaining attention and it is not surprising anymore.

Gambling and More

While many may claim that such can be a balderdash, reviews would suggest how situs judi online enjoyable and profitable poker online Indonesia, and other poker rooms online could be. There are tons of rumors floating around indeed. These are all nothing but false claims and have not been proven yet. The idea is to pay more attention to poker, most especially if the goal is to really play such. There are news and gaming websites which took the subject of poker way too seriously. This is just fine too. There are even articles around and these should be launched by those who want to really succeed in this endeavor. What other things have Poker done anyway? Drawing attention to the utilization of a video has been the way to introduce poker websites these days. Yahoo may not be the first to do this. But, it really turned out to be popular.

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The Online World Of Card Games

World Of Card Games

In the world of the big boys and girls, card games are accepted. And what is one of the most loved card games of all time? The answer is poker. And just like everything else in this generation, people are moving on to the digital world. Have you ever heard of online poker games? They don’t only hold poker games in casinos now, they do it online too. You can play with various players around the world and you can do it any time you’re up for it.

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