Crucial Features and Furniture Your Library Should Have

Libraries are sanctuaries for people who want to sit, study, and ponder on life. It’s only imperative for such venues, especially in a populous city, to have custom library shelving and other amenities for its patrons. Brisbane, for instance, has around 33 libraries with most offering the necessary tools, furniture, and equipment. But what exactly are the basics of a good library?

Casual seating for patrons

Like how the whole area should be, the seating must be comfortable enough that patrons can stay for hours without being agitated. There shouldn’t just be soft cushions but also ergonomic designs to accommodate the average and comfortable sitting posture when typing or reading. The chairs must be designed for the average Australian sitting height.

Custom library shelving

Some librarians or managers make the common mistake of buying pre-fabricated shelving. They may do it because it’s cheaper and they might think that it gives the same result as custom library shelving—but they’re wrong most of the time. Custom shelving is more likely to be superior because it’s specifically tailored to client-provided dimensions. This means that the price is more reasonable compared to the mass-produced kind with materials and dimensions that are not even usually specified when you buy them.

If you manage a library in Brisbane and you’re looking for custom library shelving Brisbane suppliers sell, you must enquire about the following from your architect or engineer before buying or approving custom shelving: length, height, durability and the area where you will put the shelving. In any case, you may request your architect or interior designer to do the shopping for you as long as you remind them to consider the mentioned factors before buying custom library shelving in Brisbane. Meanwhile, if you’re in dire need of suppliers, you can order or find custom library shelving in sites like

Calm study commons

These are spaces for students to either think or study freely. It’s only logical to make sure that these areas be fitted with unique and comfortable sets of chairs and tables for those who are performing research or want to make their homework in peace. The spacing between the furniture must also be arranged for accessibility for all kinds of patrons, including those with disabilities. Don’t forget about proper ventilation, heating, or cooling too.

Interactive and not usually quiet spaces

Contrary to popular notion, not all areas in libraries must be quiet at all times. There must be also areas where students or patrons can discuss freely without worrying about making a noise or disturbing anyone. On the other hand, this area could also be an enclosed or sound-proof, conference-like room which is free for anyone to use as long as they reserve a schedule ahead. It could also have tables where students can work on their projects with their laptops.

In addition to having the right set of amenities, libraries should also have protocols for maintaining cleanliness and orderliness. This is to ensure that the furniture and equipment will last for a long time. For more details, check out this at