Why Designer Baby Blankets have become Highly Sought After

Designer baby blankets have become popular gifts for babies as these are truly special. Some people are not contented with gifting anything that can be picked up from anywhere. They want to gift something that is unique, which would show that they have put in the efforts to find something uncommon and individualised. Designer baby blankets have risen in popularity in the last few years because of the media attention over them as a result of numerous celebrities having their babies showered with unique gifts. These celebrities exert a great influence to bring designer baby blankets from tiny people store into public attention while manifesting their appeal.

Baby blanket itself is one of the cutest components of a baby’s life. With so many cuddly options available, you may be thinking as to why buying designer baby blankets is so rampant. Regardless of the designs and patterns you want on the blankets, you can get them at one store or the other. But whether you have one child or many, getting something specially designed for them is of an immense sentimental value. Some stores even offer different variations in designs for boys and girls.

Considering the material and design of the blanket:

So once you have made up your mind to buy any of the designer baby blankets from tiny people store, its time to consider the material and designs. They come in a variety of materials; the most popular being organic cotton, wool, microfiber, faux fur and synthetic cashmere, which is particularly famous for its softness, delicacy and durability. Though a bit pricey, it is most popular among parents due to its loving appearance and feel; but if you choose this for your kid, you should take care of the special treatment it deserves.

These blankets are mostly chosen for baby shower gifts, and therefore, they must reflect the personality of the person gifting it. While some people prefer a simple design with just the name embroidered, others may consider buying one with elaborate designs. But some people think that too many patterns make the blanket clumsy and must be kept as simple as possible. So name embroidery is by far the most sought after choice. It is also due to the fact that even when the baby grows older, leaving the jungle book and cartoon phase back, their name would be with them throughout their lives, and the blanket would then be a memorable gift.

What should be the size and shape

Of course, the most obvious choice is rectangular and square, whether or not they are edged in satin. Designer ones are also used as receiving blankets that are usually meant to bring new born babies in home with a typical measurement, ranging between 30 and 36 square inches. Designer blankets for travelling which measure about 12 to 15 square inches are generally used for stroller or car tips and are becoming highly coveted. The full sized designer crib blankets are also a favourite among parents worldwide and are mostly taken for infants and toddlers. These usually measure about 45 to 60 inches in length and 35 to 45 inches in width.

Advantages and disadvantages:

You can think of no disadvantages of designer baby blankets from tiny people store except for their high price tag. But parents know the joy and happiness of affording these sweet indulgences. And anyone who has children knows that there’s nothing that feels better than giving every child the best. It is a praiseworthy gift for pampering kids and when bought from a renowned store, it is normally well constructed and has a better longevity.