Did you know that colors influence your children’s moods?

A plain-colored room can create frustrating emotions for your kid. On the other hand, a multi-colored room with inspirational designs your children are fascinated with can easily light up their room and provides a happy environment for everyone in the house.

There is nothing more fun and exciting than taking time to remodel and decorate your kid’s room. One easy and inexpensive way is applying wall decals and stickers. There are stickers of all color and sizes and you can literally get one that resembles anything your kid has interests in.

Wall sticker ideas

A boy’s room can be decorated with model cars, spaceships, sports icons, and action figures. A girl’s room can be decorated with tree stickers, twinkle stars, dressed up princesses, and all other cute things. Basically, you can choose the type of sticker to be put on the wall by determining what your kid is into.

On the other hand, custom stickers create a more personalized touch to the room décor. You can have a special message on the wall to inspire you or spell out your kid’s name. You can also have love messages on the wall so that every time your kids wake up, it will be the first thing they see.


Wallpapers are great alternatives to painting. It can get a bit too messy when painting the room that you might get stains all over your clothes, the floor, the carpet, or furniture. Not to mention the time it takes to dry and clear out the smell of fresh paint, your kids will not be able to access their room for days. Wallpapers are easy to apply as the application process can take just under two hours to complete.

There all types of wallpaper themes to choose from, making that choice with your kids will make them fall in love with their personal space even more.

How to apply wall stickers

Wall stickers may be adhesive or easily sticks on the wall. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow in sticking decals on the wall:

·         Clean the walls and let it dry.

·         Determine the positioning of the stickers.

·         Hold the stickers to the wall while pulling off the back slowly so it gets attached to the wall as you are pulling.

·         Using a plastic card, push out any air bubbles that form while attaching the sticker.

·         Finally, use a slightly damp piece of cloth or sponge in smoothing down the sticker.

Although they are durable and long-lasting, note that it is just as easy to remove the wall stickers as it is to apply them as your kids will grow up and they may not be fascinated with the wall decors as before.

Where to buy bedroom sticker decorations

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