Lightspace: Brilliant Brisbane Co-Working and Studio Spaces

Is a studio office space the right option for your work-life? The world we live in is experiencing very fast changes and we are increasingly living more atomized lives. Interconnectivity through technology somehow rips our social and professional bonds apart. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is not a substitute for those solid professional and business bonds forged through face-to-face interaction.

studio office space

Yet the sense of community and collaborative effort has always been the main factor driving human progress and innovation. A lot of innovation is only possible through collaboration in a conducive environment that fosters community, collaboration and creativity.

In Brisbane, one of the places where creative minds can find a good home is the Lightspace. This is a boutique events, exhibitions and co-working venue which is situated in the old Fortitude Valley and which offers the residents of Brisbane an ideal studio office space for all kinds of creative pursuits.

In the recent years, it has grown into one of the most popular meeting venues for all kinds of creative minds and community. It is the place to be amongst other creative forces if you have the big winning idea that is going to change Brisbane and the world.

The Lightspace shared co-working studio space has been created through a passionate effort and the resulting unique design, great space and atmosphere will certainly inspire you to stretch your limits in order to achieve your goals and dreams.

After all, the ideal co-working space is not complete without the right atmosphere that is lacking in our little atomized lives or the regimented atmosphere in the traditional or conventional corporate office sphere.

Cultivating the community atmosphere is a very integral part of this fast-rising Brisbane institution but you will love it for a thousand other reasons than just the “people factor” and the atmosphere. The warehouses housing the co-working studios have been designed with such meticulousness that it will leave you simply amazed.

What Lightspace Offers You

The recycled shipping containers in which the Lightspace co-working spaces are based offer very creative studios for plenty of pursuits. Apart from the office spaces for the small creative businesses, you will also find venues for various events including wedding studios, engagement venues Brisbane and much more.

These are characterized by the trademark Lightspace design – spacious, flexible and designed with great ingenuity. The owner, John MacDonald has borrowed widely from his travels in London and Barcelona to build unique Australian co-working spaces that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Studio Spaces

You can choose from a wide variety of studio office space options which are typically available for rental and residency from time to time. These are also lockable and are well supplied with power, a car park and a high speed internet to facilitate easy work at the facility. The windows are very large and the ambience at the facility is simply fantastic. They are mostly best if you are a creative team of up to six people.

Desk Spaces

Tired of working home in your pyjamas where you get little opportunity to interact with people and share some creative business ideas? Then the desk-space option is the best for you. They are highly suitable for home workers who are not interested in the long term commitments of the studio hire Brisbane services.

It offers the quality and awesome workspace that you would associate with Lightspace. You can enjoy great spaces and ambience and meet plenty of interesting people with big ideas along with pretty furry companions.

Looking for some fancy studio office space or space for some creative function Brisbane has to offer? Reserve your place at the Lightspace today! Check out for more.